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A letter of complaint пример 2 (Подготовка к уроку бизнес-английский/ Writing Practice 2) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to draw your attention to the terrible layout of our office. There are numerous points that disappoint me a lot.

First of all, I want to complain about bad lighting all over our office. Most lights are pretty dim whereas some of them are flashing which makes it hard to work and badly affects workers’ eyesight.

Secondly, the ventilation system seems to be not working, which makes it really hot in the office and even hard to breathe. Considering that due to the security regulations our workers are not allowed to open windows, the situation is even more awful. Not only does it make breathing difficult, but also makes people sweat and produce unbearable smell, making our labor conditions impossible to work in.

The other problem that bothers me a lot is a prehistoric printing machine in the left hand corner which produces sounds quite similar to the moans of the dying.

The overall condition of all the technical equipment located in the left hand corner leaves much to be desired. Not only are they out of date, but they also manage to hurt people (which is why most of them have been out of production for at least ten years).

We might begin with making our office a place with survivable conditions by letting the fresh air in and increase lightness of our offices by actually paying our electricity bills. Then we can proceed to recycling and further destruction of office equipment, after which all the remains should be deeply buried in the bowels of the earth. What do you think?

To sum up, it’s quite sad to say that our office has so many problems, but it is a matter of high importance to tackle them as soon as possible.

Than you in advance.


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