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Writing. About you (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Film about me. Plan.

A shot of me: I`m talking to the camera.

Hi, I`m Masha Izmailova. I`m eighteen and I come from the south of Russia. Some people think I`m quite serious. But in fact, I`m funny, because I`m good at making people laugh. Sometimes, I try make good jokes. I think I clever, because I know literature and russian language well and when I understand physics, I think I clever.

A shot of my family. We` re walking in Vienna.

I live with my parents in a flat in the centre of the city. We live in Volgograd. This is the city on the river Volga. There are very hot summers and quite cold winters, so we like traveling to foreign countries twice a year – in summer and on New Year`s holidays. We visited a lot of countries of Europe such as Greece, Germany, Austria and Ch. Republic. We love exploring new places and making pictures in different cities and at sea. My family is a very important part of my life, so I love them.

A shot of my hobbies. I`m crying ‘Motor! Camera! Start!’

I`m keen on cinematography art, so I dream about entering the University of cinema and television in St. Petersburg. This year I`m doing special courses where we` re learning dramaturgy and directing a film. We write scripts and make short films. Besides, we have drama lessons and history of cinema once a week. My group mates are like my second family. We often works together.

A shot of my hobbies 2. I`m talking with my phone

My friends are into videoblogging on YouTube, but I don`t like it. I keep my own blog on Instagram, and I have over nine thousands followers. I usually talk in stories about my life and write posts about individual liberty. Besides, I converse with my followers and other bloggers in direct. Next month we` re having a fun-meeting.

Another shot of me. I`m talking to the camera.

Choose me because I`m a typical Russian teenager, but I got a Gap Year after school. At the moment, I`m not studying at university, but I`m taking my time. I can show how dreams can become reality.


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