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Writing. Letter to friend + statement (Government must protect the environment) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

39. letter (example)




Dear Thomas,

It was great to hear from you! Sorry I haven`t been in touch for so long but I was busy with my school. I miss you greatly!

In your letter, you asked my opinion about quarrels with friends. Well, I think true friendship can`t be free of quarrels, because quarrels are part of friendship.

Sometimes I fall out with my friends, because they lie me, but we always make up. It`s OK for friends to argue, because it`s a good way to understand each other.

By the way, tell me about your trip. What museums would you like to visit? Are you going on your own or are you going with someone? How long will you stay at London?

Well, I would better go now as I have to do my homework.

Write back soon!



40. Government must protect the environment.

There are two opposite points of view on environment problem. Some people are sure that the government must protect the environment. Others, on the contrary, say that citizens should be responsible for the environment too.

In my opinion, all people should take care of the nature. Firstly, our lives depend on environment. If the nature died, we all would die too. Everyone can do easy things every day, which help to save the planet. For example, you can reuse and recycle materials like paper or plastic bottles. Besides, you should not forget switch off the light when you leave your home. These are easy advice are for everybody! Secondly, the government can`t manage all problems, which are created by people every second. It can create laws about protection of environment, but if citizens continue throw rubbish in the streets, it wouldn`t make any difference.

However, many people think that citizens can`t influence environment and the government is responsible to protect it. In their opinion, introducing green habits in everyday life can`t save the planet. But I think that all people should unite to resolve this global problem.

In conclusion, I would like to say that future of our planet depends on everyone, because people should take care of environment together. So, I would rather disagree with statement that government must protect the environment. They must, but citizens must be interested in the clear environment too.


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