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WRITING. About our city, where we live (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I live in Volgograd, so I can talk about


There are enough things to do in free time in Volgograd. For example, you can visit some good parks such as Komsomolsky park. It`s a beautiful place for walking with children because there are a lot of attractions. Most people come here with their families.

I don`t like going to the theatre, but I can recommend some good theatres for people who love it.

For example, Musical Comedian Theatre is the best theatre in our city. There are a lot of good spectacles, so most people get pleasure of them.

I often go to the cinema with my friends. I really enjoy it! Some cinemas in Volgograd are no good for visiting if you` re afraid of loud sounds, but most cinemas are perfect. I always buy tickets before the premiere day, so I get a good discount.

There are not many dance clubs for young people, but I can talk about the best of them. Dance club named ‘Push’ is better than other clubs because it makes special parties for students every weekend. I don`t like visiting clubs, because I`m bored with them. But sometimes I enjoy making it shine at party with my friends, because it helps to relax after busy days.

Sports clubs.

There are a lot of sports clubs in our city. It`s easy to find a gym or a dance studio near the home. I like swimming and twice a week I walk to swimming pool named ‘Youth’. It`s an amazing place because it`s open and besides, you can take lessons from professionals.

The shopping centre.

There are a lot of good shopping centres where you can buy clothes, shoes, furniture and much more. Lately prices are going up, but most hiper- supermarkets offer quite big sales. I don`t like shopping for food with my parents, so they do it without me. I enjoy going shopping on my own or with my sister. We usually buy clothes and shoes. I can buy one or two pairs of shoes a month because I always can choose something in today big choice.

Public transport.

There are a few means of public transport in Volgograd, such as buses, trolleybuses and trams.

A bus is the fastest transport, so I always use it when I`m late. But sometimes it brakes, unfortunately, so I have to wait for another bus or trolleybus.

A trolleybus is my least favorite public transport, because it`s so slow. Although, a trolleybus is safe, it isn`t comfortable. If you listen to music on the way, you don`t hear in because of noise…

Volgograd is a very long city, but traffic jams aren`t a big problem. Moreover, you can use trams to get somewhere. I usually go thirteen kilometres in twenty minutes, It`s so fast for me!


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