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Practice makes perfect (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, when the problem of the means of improving various skills has become a matter of heated debates, some people suppose that practising is not the bottom line for the success in particular field. Still, others are convinced that the best way to master one’s skills is constant practising.

Personally, I share the second opinion and, to my mind, the experience is crucial for developing different abilities. First and foremost, when learning grammar rules, people should do exercises in order to comprehend the specialties of them on the real examples. What is more, when it comes to practising, people repeat and remember the way they do an activity. Moreover, it is thought that people who do not neglect of working on something they have already learnt are get used to the activity they do and further they complete the same tasks faster and better.

However, opponents of this point of view consider that practice does not play a big role and does not contribute to success at all.

According to this perspective, nothing can help without special knowledge and a good theoretical base. Moreover, sometimes practice makes matters even worse if doing the activity improperly without a real understanding of the subject.

Nevertheless, these arguments do not sound reasonable enough due to the following logical assumption. Generally, practice makes for clear perception of what a person does. Besides, people learn from mistakes and never repeat them again, so practising is really significant.

In conclusion, although opinions may differ, I strongly believe that practising makes for better results. Personally, I always develop my skills doing additional exercises.


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