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The barbaric attitude of man to nature is the problem over which V. Soloukhin reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The barbaric attitude of man to nature is the problem over which V. Soloukhin reflects.

In order to draw readers' attention to this issue, the author compares our planet with a spaceship whose life-span has come to an end. Astronauts specifically disable the life support system, unscrewing cogs, drill holes in the skin ... But the life of our planet did not end, and people kill the Earth with their own hands: "poisoning rivers, reducing forests, spoiling the World Ocean". The author speaks with indignation about this, qualifying man's influence on nature only as "suicide."

The position of the author is easy enough to define: "Humanity is a kind of disease of the planet", causing the appearance of "deep ulcers and various growths on the body of the earth."

It is difficult to disagree with V.

Soloukhin's point of view. Indeed, we can not fail to note the negative impact of people on the environment. Today, the media is literally filled with reports of countless environmental problems that are of anthropogenic origin.

A vivid example of the ruthless attitude of man to nature, and to himself is an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As a result of this disaster, the man caused great damage to the environment, permanently turning the huge territory around Pripyat into a "dead zone". The consequences of this accident still make themselves felt.

On the Internet I read an article from the newspaper "Crimean News" about the fate of the famous Saki Lake, from the depths of which a unique mud is extracted, capable of raising thousands of sick people to their feet. But in 1980 a miraculous reservoir was divided by dams and bridges into two parts: one "treated" people, the other "produced" soda ... After 3 years, the soda part of the lake turned into a fetid water surface killing everything around itself ... After years, I want to exclaim: "Really there was not in a huge power named after the USSR another less significant lake on the banks of which a soda plant could be built ?! "For such an atrocity, we can not call a person a barbarian in relation to his native nature ?!


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