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In the age of cosmic speeds, people ceased to be amazed - this is the problem over which Vladimir Soloukhin reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In a fragment from the book "Grass" V. Soloukhin, arguing about the woeful loss of people's ability to be surprised, gives an example. Neither the lunar soil, delivered from a distant planet, nor the sounding of Venus, nor the monstrous velocities on earth do not cause him any surprise. One thing that wakes up in the writer's soul is this feeling, a dandelion parachute.

The author even quotes the lines of the poet: "The dandelion from the sun has already turned into the moon" - and then blows to the air planet, and it flies to thousands of fuzzy. And in the soul of the narrator something stirred, trembled ...

The author is sure that the soul of each of us is still alive only because we can be surprised not by the powerful speeds of planes and cars, but by a sunny dandelion, a revealing rose and a beautiful fluffy butterfly sitting on a branch ...

I share the author's point of view, because every morning I run to look in the garden, as a new spring flower opens, listen to the nightingale and admire the delicate greens of the leaves.

Vyacheslav Degtev has a wonderful story "Dandelion. He is about the role of teacher, mentor in the life of cadets-pilots. The squadron commander, after flying with a cadet-excellent student who was afraid to fly and to which he had just opened the sky, jumping off the wing of the plane, suddenly saw between the concrete slabs a small yellow dandelion. The officer bent down, spread out the leaves of the flower and was amazed: "How did you survive? How did they not trample you, fool? " Something unusually tender spread in the soul of the pilot-ace, the god of air cars. And all this because he has not forgotten how to marvel at the beautiful.

A sense of surprise to all living things lived in the soul of the first cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin in the world. He, who knew what the cosmic speed was, saw the Earth from orbit, convinced that it was small in comparison with the infinite cosmos, appreciated and marveled on the earth the beauty of every tree, every flower.

This is the feeling of surprise that we must learn to flinch and blossom our soul, when we see the "first lily of the valley from under the snow" or the white birch under its window ...

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