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The disdainful attitude of the authorities towards the population of the country is the problem over which V.V. Timofeev reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The disdainful attitude of the authorities towards the population of the country is the problem over which V.V. Timofeev reflects.

The author indignantly says that the Russian state has all the "symptoms of the most terrible social disease - disregard for the person." "Our respected politicians, " the writer notes with regret, do not care about ordinary citizens, no one thinks, does not care about ordinary people.

VV Timofeev believes that the cause of all this is disrespect for the person.

The position of the author is easy to determine. The writer calls on us to fight the situation. In order to cope with this social problem, it is necessary to "... make a person the highest value."

It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of VV Timofeev. Indeed, it is necessary to eliminate disrespect for people. We should not feel like a "small detail" that performs a certain function for the state. Many writers raised this issue in their works.

Let us recall E. Zamyatin's novel "We", in which we can not but pay attention to the scornful attitude of the authorities toward people. They subjugated each person-number, deprived their citizens of the possibility of intellectual and artistic creativity, replacing it with a single science and mechanical music. Having reduced love to pure physiology, depriving a person of a feeling of kinship and affection, they made a man unhappy and defenseless.

Sometimes the state not only disregards the citizens, but also interferes with their personal life. So, in A. Solzhenitsyn's novel One Day of Ivan Denisovich, Alyoshka the Baptist is singled out among all the prisoners, who got to the camp because of his faith. It should be noted that the young man did not change his convictions, the ban on the state did not affect him, but on the contrary, his faith only strengthened in Gulag and became stronger.

Thus, I can conclude that it is necessary to fight against contempt and disrespect for people from the state. One must always remember: man is the highest value!

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