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The attitude of people to animals is the problem over which M. Goncharova reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The attitude of people to animals is the problem over which M. Goncharova reflects.

The author with deep sadness narrates about the tragic fate of animals that do not have external appeal. Citing the barbarous attitude of people to frogs, M. Goncharova with great enthusiasm talks about the wonderful tradition that exists in England, where with the help of a green bucket people were able to help the toads move across the road.

The author dreams after retirement to go to the UK and encourages other pensioners to join her in the name of rescuing frogs.

The position of M. Goncharova is clear. It is impossible to divide animals "into warm fluffy and cold slippery": we must be merciful to every creature of God.

I completely share the author's point of view: there are many different animals on our planet, but they equally need the help and care of a person or at least not interfering in their life.

I recall the poem by NA Nekrasov "Grandfather Mazai and the hares, " for whose hero the forest is a native element: the grandfather worries about all its inhabitants. During the spring flood, he rescues drowning hares, collecting them in a boat, heals two ill-faced animals. This is really a human attitude to "our smaller brothers"!

The Internet is literally full of stories about the tragic fate of animals brought from exotic countries. Here a huge boa constrictor got stuck between the water pipes, frightening the inhabitants of several apartments. In another case, a young woman with a child in her arms at the entrance, stepping on "something", was bitten. This "something" turned out to be a small crocodile. Where did overseas guests come from in Moscow's apartments and porches? They were brought into the country, bought for a lot of money, and when they were tired of the owners, they were simply thrown out of the luxury apartments ... As, probably, this crocodile and boa, and our homeless cat or dog, caught under the wheels of the car, envied that English toad that for the sake of conservation of the species of animals, like a princess-frog, is transferred across the road!

Thus, I can conclude that we humans should be merciful to all animals living around us.

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