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What is sympathy for people is the problem over which S. Lvov reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is sympathy for people is the problem over which S. Lvov reflects.

The author reveals this question on a concrete case from a life when itself has collided with indifference of administration of medical institution which is not wishing to make entrance to a polyclinic safe during ice. S. Lvov also talks about letters received from readers, with excitement highlighting those in which people write not about their own problems, but about the ills of strangers. In such cases, according to the author, "empathy becomes an action". But how often, says the publicist, there are people who do not see, do not hear, do not feel someone else's grief.

Such an indifferent, I am sure S. Lvov, also need to help: teach them compassion.

The author's position is formulated clearly and concretely: "Empathy is a great human ability and need, good and duty." Since childhood, it is necessary to educate a child to respond to someone else's trouble and hurry to help someone who has grief.

I fully share the author's point of view. To show empathy and accept it from others is an important feature of human relations, giving them warmth and trust.

On the Internet, I met an interesting overview article under the heading "Drunken with power". It is about people who are at the top of power. Whether political leaders or corporate executives, they often behave arrogantly and selfishly. They develop emotional callousness, lack of sympathy for others. About these usually say: "The power hit them in the head." I think that the head doctor of the polyclinic refers to such people.

Inability to feel compassion and compassion leads to terrible consequences. Platonov's story "Yushka" tells of a man who endured suffering, cruelty from a number of people living with him, who do not know what sympathy is. The hero of the story, a man innocuous, naive and, as the villagers thought, stupid, resignedly beating up beatings and mockeries from fellow villagers. Beaten, affected by human malice, Yushka said that people love him very much, they just can not express this love. The death of the unfortunate old man lays an indelible mark on the villagers: their callousness and hardness of heart led to the fact that the most kind and unrequited person died without feeling the warmth, compassion, respect that he deserved.

Thus, I can conclude that sympathy and compassion are some of the most important human qualities that must be inherent in each of us.


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