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How the age influences the relationship between fathers and children is the problem over which E. Korenevskaya reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How the age influences the relationship between fathers and children is the problem over which E. Korenevskaya reflects.

The author builds his reasoning on the basis of a letter to the newspaper of a seventy-year-old Muscovite, who treats his grandson as an extraterrestrial. The grandfather admits that he is a good guy, but manners, boy's clothes, earrings in the ear, the words he uses in speech, evoke indignation at his grandfather, wondering who made modern boys like that.

E. Korenevskaya very calmly and reasonably answers the author's questions. She believes that such modern teenagers have made time in which we live. And the older generation must realize this and look for ways of mutual understanding.

The author's position is not difficult to determine: the era in which we live, affects the education of youth, and adults must learn to understand their children.

I completely share the author's point of view: parents and their children, brought up at different times, of course, differ in their views and in their habits. But both are required to find a common language among themselves.

This was repeatedly written by famous writers, teachers, psychologists.

So, F. Iskander in his story "The Beginning of Form" wrote about the eternal problem of "fathers and children" arising from different epochs in which generations were brought up. The writer is sure that the parental authority does not grow out of orders and threats, but is won by labor, by the ability to prove to his son that he has something to respect for his father. And young people should remember this. Then the gulf dividing the generations will disappear.

A. Amlinsky in the novel "Neskuchny Sad" on the example of three generations of the Kovalevsky family traces the influence of parents on children and children on their parents. In the work, not only the son looks for answers from his father to the questions that tormented him, but his father also feels the need for spiritual communication with his son. The writer is convinced: adults must "have the gift of understanding, and therefore, empathy." If it does not exist, the differences in the upbringing of generations that have grown up at different times will lead to the inevitable alienation of children in the family.

Thus, I can conclude that children and their parents, the product of different epochs, should strive to understand each other, otherwise the gap between fathers and children that existed at all times will be frighteningly expanding.

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