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A person who is fluent in a foreign language can easily work as interpreter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is common knowledge that nowadays that interpreters help to people to overcome a language barrier and promote clear communication between speakers from all over the world. One issue which causes wide controversy is whether a bilingual person without any qualification or needed certificate is able to work as interpreter. Let us examine this problem more closely.

The first thing is needs to be said it is quite important to understand that interpreter is not just a person who is fluent in foreign language, but a specialist who possess certain skills, ethics and professional competence. First and foremost, an interpreter must have excellent social and communication skills in order to efficiently work with people with different backgrounds. Secondly, interpreters generally are aware of numerous matters of the subject which they are work with, in other words, true professional needs to understand terminology of different industries.

Thirdly, interpreter must be aware of the subtleties of culture and language of people who he or she speaks with.

On the contrary, there are opponents who insist that every bilingual person is automatically becomes an interpreter. To be more precise, unskilled people can easily handle all work and duties of true specialist.

Personally, I strongly object to this statement. In my opinion, a person who can equally speak two languages without any experience and special skills may have difficulties in translating from language to another.

Taking all consideration mentioned above, it is vital to understand that fluency in foreign language isn’t enough to become a real interpreter, because like any other job it requires practice, experience and hard work.


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