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A person who is fluent in various foreign language can easily work as an interpreter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays there are different points of view on the essential skills of a good interpreter. Some people think a person who has perfect knowledge of any foreign language can easily occupy this profession. Others, on the contrary, claim a that real interpreter also has to have different valuable skills. Let me explain my own opinion.

To my mind, being fluent in a foreign language is not enough to become an interpreter. First of all, this profession requires good communication skills if a person want to understand other people correctly. Secondly, a good interpreter has to be able to understand different texts, work with them and have good knowledge of his native language to translate books. What is more, a person who want to become an interpreter needs to be patient and disciplined as this occupation may seem monotone.

However, there are people who have the opposing opinion.

They believe being fluent in a foreign language is only important skill to work as interpreter. Obviously, a person has to know other language excellently to translate different words, phrases, texts and speeches. Moreover, good knowledge of languages is really valuable nowadays, so one who is fluent in it can find a job with little effort.

Nevertheless, I disagree with these statements. It is also important to understand culture and worldview of foreign citizens. In addition, nowadays languages are changing fast, so good interpreter has to study new things all the time.

In conclusion, I would like to say the occupation of interpreter requires a lot of different skills and qualities. A person needs to develop all of them to succeed in this profession.


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