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40.2 Everyone should try doing an extreme sport (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, few people people have tried doing an extreme sport because this is generally considered to be scary. On the other hand, there is an opinion that an extreme sport has a lot of benefits. I am going to look closer on this debatable question.

From my point of view, an extreme sport is an excellent experience. Many people during their life trying(try) something new, travel in various places, change an image and so on. An extreme sport can help to feel new unforgettable emotions, which will be remembered for a lifetime. Moreover, an extreme sport, just like any other sport, allows to keep yourself in shape, and keep healthy.

However, there is an opposite opinion. Some people believe, that any extreme sport is terrible.

Not every person can climb a high mountain or a building, go down to the depths of the sea. Some people have phobias, because of which they have never tried doing an extreme sport.

Nonetheless, I think that for people, who has phobias, extreme sports can help face their fear. For example, diving into the depth and seeing a lot of beautiful fish exotic plants, a person will understand, that an underwater world is not as awful as he thought.

Taking everything into consideration, I would like to emphasize the main idea of this essay: everyone should try doing an extreme sport because it is an memorable experience that brings new emotions. Additionally, it helps to conquer a fear and become hardy, daring and brave.


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