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Dear Nancy,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you again. Sorry, I haven't written sooner, I've been busy with my school studies.

I'll be glad to answer your questions. Firstly, I'd wear a costume of anger to party. I'd make it myself, cause it would be interesting to make a white beautiful dress and wings. As for me, making a costume yourself is the best option, cause this way it'd be unique. Finally, I think that costume parties are always a good idea, it's unusual and helps to diversify your cultural life.

By the way, it's cools that you'll go to the museum. What kind of museum is this? Are you going to take a guide? What kind of exhibits do you like most of all?

Sorry, I have to do my homework now.

Drop me a line.

Best wishes,


№40. 1

It's easier to make friends than to keep them

Friend are an essential part of our lives. They help, support us and make our lives better. Nonetheless, human relationships might be the most complicated thing in our world: true friends come and go. So there is an arguing whether it is harder to make friends or to stay in good relationship with them.

In my opinion, making new friends seems simple in comparison with keeping the old ones. First of all, it is easier to impress people when a person t meets them for the first time. For instance, people tend to show only good qualities in the beginning of any relationship. Secondly, it seems to me that a strong friendship requires, foremost, a huge responsibility between two people, because a friend is always expected to help in difficult situations, even if it hurts his own interests.

However, there is another opinion. Some people think that the first contact is the most crucial step of developing a friendship. They say it requires a lot of effort to approach a person unknown to you and make a positive impression on him or her.

I do not fully agree with this. It is not that hard to approach a person nowadays. It is easy to do it with the help of Internet. In addition, making friend requires special social skills. However, without them you will never keep a friend.

To sum up, in my view, it is clearly much easier to make friends, than to keep them, though it depends on personal experience and individual circumstances.


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