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Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you again. Sorry, I haven't written sooner, I've been busy with my school studies.

I'll be glad to answer your questions. Firstly, my favourite books to read are novels with deep, philosophical meaning, such books you have to puzzle over. Secondly, I think that the most interesting period in Russian history is the times of USSR, cause there were so many events. If I could choose any country and era to visit, it would be 80s in the USA, cause I really like its fashion and music.

By the way, it's cool that you've got camera for your birthday. Have you organized a birthday party? Who have you spent your birthday with? Have you used your present yet?

Sorry, I have to do my homework now.

Drop me a line.

Best wishes,



Every city and every town should have a zoo

Zoos have always been an essential part of our lives. However, nowadays thanks to activists and animal defenders the necessity of them is being questioning. This topic arouses heated debates in our society. Some people claim that zoos should be in every city whereas others think it is not that important.

In my opinion, we do not to have a zoo in every time. First of all, it is very cruel to keep animals in cages, far from their natural habitats. Moreover, not every region is suitable for animals. For instance, northern parts of our country lack comfortable conditions for most of animals to live. It is very cold there, and you cannot provide enough food for them. Secondly, it would be pretty hard economically to keep hundreds of zoos.

However, a lot of people are considered that zoos are not only an entertainment, but also can be used for educational purposes. Many children learn about animals and become interested in zoology in zoos.

I do not fully agree with this. Internet is the biggest source of information where you can find everything about animals and even 3d models of them. It is much cheaper and saves animals.

To sum up, if there were less zoos, we would not have to copy with some of environmental problems.


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