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Dear Mary,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you again. Sorry, I haven't written sooner, I've been busy with my school studies.

I'll be glad to answer your questions. As for me, the worst disasters are flood and hurricanes. According to the videos I've seen it's the most destructive natural force. As you know, I live on the sea coast, that's why hurricanes and tornados are typical for my city. The best way for people to protect themselves is following the recommendations of special services.

By the way, it's cool that your teacher got the award. What do you like your teacher for? What has she done to win the award? Have you done something special to congratulate her?

Sorry, I have to do my homework now.

Drop me a line.

Best wishes,



Internet is the greatest time - waster

Internet might be the greatest invention of mankind. However, with social tendencies changing rapidly Internet can be a threat to our spare time. Because people more and more time online. That is why this topic arouses heated debates: some people claim that global network helps them to save the time every day whereas others say it is just a waste of time.

In my opinion, Internet is the most useful thing for people. Firstly, it keeps all the information we need: books, articles. We do not have to waste hours looking for the necessary information in libraries, it can be found for minutes in the Internet. Secondly, it saves us much money when we do shopping, work, pay bills online. It is much more convenient, we also save money for transport fare.

However, there is another opinion. Some people believe that Internet often suggests unreliable and false news and article. In fact, there are people who create wrong information on purpose. In addition, people now waste a lot of time in social networks, because of addiction to them.

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that working with information is an essential skill for everybody and we should always search for the primary source of information with the help of the Internet. Moreover, our devices now help us to avoid social network addiction by setting the lemeit for it.

To sum up, if we use Internet carefully it can be a time - saver.


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