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An outstanding man (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I think it would be dishonest of me to tell you about an outstanding man. We have already known a huge number of men. And we do not know anything about the great women. Wikipedia has a page of the 100 most famous people in history. And of them are male. Therefore, I will tell you about a strong woman. Rose li parks

Rosa was born in 1913 in, Alabama. Her skin was black, so from childhood she was recognized as a second-rate girl.

At that time in America the so-called Jim Crow laws were in force. These acts dealt with almost every aspect of the daily life of color people and seriously limited their rights: there were separate cafes and restaurants for the black people, their own hairdressing salons, and special waiting rooms.

There were no school buses for color children at all ... This is what Rosa Parks remembered about her childhood: “Every day I saw a school bus passing by. But it didn’t surprise me at all, and even didn’t touch it much - that’s how we lived. » Moreover, members of the Ku Klux Klan quietly marched through the city streets, and no one thought it was something unusual. Needless to say, during such demonstrations, Rosa's family hid in the backyard, and her grandfather stood with a shotgun in his hands.

There also were complex rules relating to public transport: the first four rows of seats were designed only for whites. Blacks (by the way, their number was 75% of those using buses) were usually asked to sit in the back. If there were too many whites, the color ones got up, giving them a seat.

Nevertheless, the date of December 1, 1955, when Parks, tired after a hard day, entered the bus going to the city center, will remain in history forever. She paid and sat back in one of the first rows of the “color” section. But the “white” seats quickly filled up, and the driver ordered Rose and other black passengers to change seats. The black passengers sitting next to Parks quietly walked back, but she did not. The driver asked her: “Why don't you get up?” - “But should I?” Rosa asked calmly. The driver called the police. Then Rose Parks would say during the trial: "I just wanted to get home safely."

The leaders of the colored community and human rights organizations very quickly came to the conclusion that this event could be a great reason to draw everyone’s attention to the problem of segregation. December 4, in churches, shops and just on the streets, campaigning began to a boycott of public transport.

The day of the trial, which took place on Monday, December 5, the activists suggestion was: "We call upon every negro does not use buses in protest against the arrest and trial of Rosa. If you need to go to work, walk or take a taxi. But please, adults and children, no buses on Monday! Stay away from buses on Monday! ”

On December 5, it was a strong rain, but the participants did not use buses. Inspired by their own example, they decided to extend the boycott, which resulted in more than a year! All this time, the buses were in the garages, and transport companies suffered huge losses until finally the law was changed.

She suffered because of her choice: she was fired from her job, threats from right-wing activists began to come to her. But she remained strong, engaged in human rights activities and fought for the rights of blacks.

Rosa Parks died at 92 in 2005. Before her death, she said: "I would like to be remembered as a free person who helped others to become free too." Her wish came true. On the day of her death, almost all the major American newspapers placed her portraits on the front page, and The bus rows were surrounded by black ribbons - in memory of the one that once refused to leave them...

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