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Successful man (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Everyone, every man, even the one who denies this desire with all his might, becomes a dream secretly or clearly. Why is this so? Because successful people attract attention, they enjoy universal respect, live a bright and rich life, earn well and do not need anything.

Probably, those components of success that I have listed now form a stereotypical image of a successful person that has developed in our society. This description assumes that a person who is considered successful should have a high social status. Therefore, we usually call successful politicians, heads of large organizations, entrepreneurs, lawyers and representatives of some other professions. Creative individuals, who managed to win the recognition of the public, today are also traditionally considered successful people.

In addition to all this, I think there is another very important component of success: a person should be satisfied with his life and get satisfaction from what he does.

If this does not happen, then, despite all his achievements, he may not feel satisfied and want something more.

How do people become successful? Much, I think, depends here not so much on the will of the case as on their character. Usually these are strong and strong-willed individuals who are used to set goals and achieve them. These people are also very energetic, they are fond of sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here is such a portrait of a successful person that draws my imagination. I think that it is not necessary that there should be some famous person, it may be a simple engineer who managed to get recognition at work, to provide for himself and his family. In my life there are many successful people around me, and they include my parents, whom I am very proud of.

Successful man

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