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The power of the will of man (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Each person has a cherished dream and everyone hopes that he will necessarily get what he wants. If the dream does not come true - a person blames everyone and everyone for this, without thinking that it was he who did not apply enough effort.

Very often you can hear that the person did not have enough willpower to get rid of bad habits, perform a difficult task, achieve the set goal. Why is this happening? One of the factors is that a person's desires contradict his aspirations.

It wants a person to achieve much in life, to become a famous artist or a great scientist, but laziness or fear of the unknown is interfering. In general, there can be many reasons and all of them are different. Although it is necessary to understand that only by virtue of willpower one can achieve what is desired.

There is no easy and easy! There is no all at once! The result is preceded by a long and difficult path.

Take for example schooling.

Yes, it's not easy to give science to young people. I want to not only teach lessons, but also play football, go to the movies or just chat with friends. Here, will power will come in handy. If in the future you dream of becoming a "big" person, you will have to try very hard and force yourself to study, do homework, prepare for examinations and examinations. In general, you will have to sacrifice pleasure for the sake of what you are striving for! After all, will power is patience, courage and faith. Without these components it is impossible to realize the cherished dream.

If you set a goal for yourself - get it! Nothing is impossible! A man can endure any difficulties. Overcome obstacles, fight for your dream, do everything possible and impossible, and then you will receive a well deserved reward! It is then that you realize that the result obtained was worth the effort that was put. That's when you can be proud that you have the willpower!

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