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Тема «My winter holidays» (Мои зимние каникулы) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Pupils of Russia have vacations four times a year: in winter, spring, summer and autumn. That is the time when they can have a rest after intesive studies, can take a trip to other cities of Russia or abroad. Some people like to take their vacations in winter. Others dream of sun and warm beaches. Some prefer to spend their vacations with a lot of people: others travel on their own. A good vacation does not mean simply lying in the sun or watching TV. It gives onea chance to read books, observe nature, participate in sports, communicate with different people.

As for me, I like winter vacations most of all, because winter is my favourite season. Several years ago there were wonderful winters in our town with a lot of snow, but now it is usually rainy and windy.

So I prefer to spend my winter holidays in the environs of Georgia, where there are hills, mountains and many rest homes to every taste. I go there with my relatives and friends. We make up early in the morning? have a good breakfast and set off on a jorney on skies around the hills. I enjoy skiing indeed. Especially when the weather is fine, the sun is shining, the frost is not hard and the snow is sparkling. It is easier to follow smooth ski thrack, but how interesting it is to make your own in the places where there was nobody except you. In the evening our life is in full swing. We walk in the open air, listen to music and play the guitar.

As you know, my favourite holiday is New Year. The most common type of celebrations is a New Year party. We usually spend it in a rest house. We give presents to each other, set up New Year tree in ous place and decorate it with strings of coloured lights and festive ornaments. we always sing songs, dance and wish each other "A Happy New Year". After a great dinner, we walk through streets and watch beautiful fireworks.

All in all, we come back home full of new impressions, with many photos and ready to begin new shool term with renewed strength.


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