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Package holidays are the best type of holidays (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is an open secret that holidays are an integral part of our lives. All people definitely like to spend time resting and they try to find the most appropriate way for it. Nowadays one of the most approachable types for conducting your precious leisure time is the package holidays. The majority of people are literally fond of it. Thus the aim of my essay to express my opinion and try to reason it.

As for me, I disagree with the given statement and I am going to prove my opinion. I don’t like this type of holidays because of its bore. You know, tourists use only services offered by tourist agency and they don’t expect for extra payments. This means they lose a great opportunity to acquaint with local activities, cuisine and culture of country.

But the opposing opinion is that package holidays are the best type of holidays.

There are no doubts that package holidays, being maybe boring, remain to be for people the favorite one and of course it has its own advantages. For instance, you pay to your tourist agent and he do all the organization work for you. You shouldn’t worry about program, there are all included in your payment.

Actually I would like to get a radical critic of my opponents. Choices are limited on a package holiday. There is only a little chance to broaden our cultural horizons and to learn something new, so this is not for me.

To conclude, this type may be ideal for people who want to enjoy with their leisure, lying on the beach and taking the sun all the day. As for me I prefer more active holidays, such as camping or traveling, but not like package holidays.


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