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Lots of people enjoy celebrating holidays. However, for some people a holiday is just a day off. What is your attitude to celebrations? Which way of celebrating holidays do you find more enjoyable? Эссе по английскому (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people think that holidays demand on people to enjoy different activities like fairs with dances, songs and competitions while others say that we should only passively watch TV, play computer games and read books or chat with friends.

In my opinion, holidays are intended for different events in the open air to enjoy speeches with rewarding winners in different fields: sports competitions, singers, writers, actors, etc. We watch rewarding ceremonies in the Kremlin where our President mentions people who have rendered great services to our country. We visit concerts devoted to the important events on the Red Dates of the calendar. We usually prepare performances with reciting poems, singing songs, dancing, doing acrobatic tricks.

On the other hand, my opponents say that on holidays they spend their time at home communicating only over the phone with their acquaintances and friends.

Then they give a treat to themselves with cakes and saying toasts and drinking to each other’s health. It’s safer to sit at home than go out to public places which are rather dangerous nowadays.

I partly agree with the opposing opinion because holidays are often considered as private events for family reunions. However, I strongly believe that person’s life should be varied and full of memorable events. If you are afraid of crowded places, then you can find calmer ones at your acquaintance’s places.

To sum up, I would say that we should recharge ourselves with positive emotions from bright and interesting events.


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