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Winter forest (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Winter: cold, frost, but still very much want to go outside. In the winter there is something to do - sledges, skis, skates. Not for nothing is now so popular winter sports - they are loved by almost everyone. It is remarkable that right next to winter there is a vacation, you can wake up in the morning, grab skates and run to the nearest skating rink. If the winter is severe, cold, then small lakes and rivers freeze to the very bottom. But here you need to be careful and make sure that the ice is really thick and reliable before stepping on it. It is better to fill the ice rink in your yard.

If there is a lot of snow, then at least once a vacation is worth getting into the forest. Of course, the best skiing and big company. And in the backpack to put a thermos with hot tea - in a winter campaign it will come in handy.

The forest from afar seems black, especially against the background of white snow, and lifeless. But this is not so, even in winter the forest is not at all lifeless. And there are birds in the forest. And traces of animals can be seen, if one is attentive. At this time, animals have to tight: it is not easy to get food from under the snow. Therefore, going to the forest, you can bring gifts for its inhabitants. What kind? Well, for example, feed for birds. Forest birds do not have to carry bread crumbs, this is not the most useful treat for them. It is better to bring sunflower seeds, croup, millet. It is possible to adapt to the feeder the simplest cardboard or veneer with the edge. Hang it should be where you notice bird tracks. And you can make a beautiful home good feeder at home and often bring food there. If you are a photographer-amateur, then near the feeder you can make the most interesting photos.

The forest in winter is called frozen, silent and thoughtful. Come closer - it looks completely transparent: the sun pierces through it. Walking on skis in the winter forest is a real pleasure and the snow here is not at all like in the city. In the city, it quickly turns black due to the fact that it is full of cars, and in the forest - always snow-white. It's especially cool to get into the forest in good sunny weather, such as described by Alexander Pushkin in the poem: "Frost and the sun, a wonderful day." If you are not too lazy to bring your sled with you, then you can ride from the hill. But then you have to act on the proverb - you love to skate - love and sleigh carry - and in the city they may even have to just carry, because there the paths are cleaned of snow. Spending several hours in the woods in the winter is like having a fairy tale. But do not stay there until dark: the frost is not joking.


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