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Does the zoo have a useful purpose? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

For many centuries people used to keep animals in cages and make watching them an entertainment. Nowadays when there are a lot of problems with extinction and ecological ones the question is extremely controversial. Does the zoo have useful purposes? Personally, I can agree with people who find no usefullness of it. In my essay, I am going to explain why.

First of all, if zoos are aimed at entertainment, there are a lot of other amusement parks parents with their children can have fun without doing harm to animals. We do not have the right to ruin somebody’s life just because we want. We should not establish zoos only because we are stronger and clever. Furthermore, people can attend safari parks where they can watch wild animals with the guard. In such parks animals live in their national habitat and people can enjoy watching them.

Secondly, keeping the zoo is very complicated and money consuming process.

Workers have to observe and take care of every type of animals. It takes a lot of money to keep them healthy, to buy their special food, to make conditions like in the natural habitat. All zookeepers try to do it, but almost in every zoo, there were cases, when they did not bother enough about their prisoners. As a result, animals suffered and even died because of neglect.

To conclude, I’d like to say that zoos are good places of entertainment and it is the only advantage of this place. However, if we are talking about more global things zoos are extremely useless. People have to think about all consequences and their responsibility towards our younger brothers.


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