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Purpose in life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every person should have a goal in life, because if you do not have it, then the meaning of life is lost, what is for what we exist in the world is lost for. I believe that a person should have more than one goal, and several. I have a lot of them, and they periodically change, add, correct, and are and are excluded from my list of goals in life. I want to talk about three of my most important goals.

My main goal is to find my place in life, vocation, for the sake of which it will be interesting to live and move forward. I would like to be an architect, build beautiful, modern, and maybe unusual buildings and structures. I think that with this profession I will be interested in going through life, a new approach and creativity will be in every my work, so I will not be bored. Besides that, I like drawing, and maybe I will also get something done in this field, but still, I think drawing will be just my very pleasant hobby.

My other goal is to find a companion of life, one that I would love, that would share my views and beliefs with which we could create a family, have children and that we could live happily with her until our very last days.

Another big goal is to travel.

I'm going to travel the whole world, especially in our time, to see the world is not so difficult, there would be a desire.

Why is the main goal in my life a profession? Because without it it is impossible to achieve other goals, for example, you need to provide a family, you need a house, you need money for other family expenses. To travel, money is also needed, and money is big. Therefore, I understand that I need to be well disaccustomed, become a professional in my business, it is very important and only then to fulfill my other goals in life.


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