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High school students should study only the subjects they choose. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, pupils in high school have a lot of different disciplines. Some people claim that students should learn only the sciences they want to learn, while others think that schoolchildren should learn all the subjects.

I am utterly convinced that high school students should study only the disciplines they are interested in. Firstly, teenagers choose subjects that will be useful for them in their future work, so learning certain sciences helps to get deep knowledge in their occupation and not to be distracted for useless disciplines. Secondly, pupils choose the subjects that are interesting for them, so students will like to go to school and to study, because it is not as boring as it was when children should study lots of disciplines.

The level of education will rise, because school students will be motivated to learn subjects that are interesting and usefull exactly for them.

However, some people think that schoolchildren should learn subjects from different areas, because it gives them basic knowledge of the world and it makes them erudite.

I cannot agree with the above opinion. I think that learning required subjects at school cannot make people knowledgeable, because if school students are not interested in disciplines, they will not learn the information from the course. Yes, they will go to lessons, and maybe they will have marks, but they will not remember a word after some time.

To sum it up, high school students should learn only the disciplines they want, because it is useful for them and for their future.


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