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Extreme sports help to build character пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The popularity of extreme sports has grown over the last decade. Many people are convinced that extreme sports have a beneficial influence on character. Nevertheless, there are others who are against these dangerous and risky activities.

To my mind, doing extraordinary sports to strengthen one’s character is nonsensical occupation. First of all, there are many other activities for this. For instance, reading classical books can bring up endurance, willpower and fearlessness. Moreover, psychologists claim that people are keen on extreme sports because of lack of adrenaline in their blood. Thus, extremists are addicted. Finally, only specially trained people can do this sport. People who have not been doing any sports for a long time cannot develop neither their temperament nor sporting qualities.

Nevertheless, some people argue that extreme sports used to enhance the character.

Firstly, you have an excellent opportunity to increase persistence and patience being exposed to danger. Secondly, extreme sports help to improve your relationships with people. For example, mountaineering is usually done by a group of people who are dependent on each other. Thereby, they have to trust and support each other.

I strongly disagree with the statements given above. I think being face to face with a hazard you can be subjected to fatality such as fractures.

In conclusion, despite some advantages of doing extreme sports, I would like to state again that extreme sports is not a sensible choice if you want to build a character.


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