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Extreme sports help to build character (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is not a secret for everybody that extreme kinds of sport become more and more popular nowadays and a lot of people are fond of them because of a great influence that extreme sports bring to their character traits. Are extreme kinds of sport really so helpful for character or not?

To my mind, extreme sports are useful for any person and their character as well. Firstly, people will be more stress-resistance after doing something extreme and even dangerous. Therefore, a critical and difficult situation will not be a surprise for people and they will know how to behave in it. Secondly, extreme sports often can be a group activity. Accordingly, people will learn how to trust other people and appreciate them. Finally, extreme sports can increase not only people’s bravery, but purposefulness too. The point is that even a huge problem will become a little obstacle for people, when they have already done an extreme kind of sport at least once.

However, other people hold the idea that extreme sports are the way to spoil a person’s health and psyche.

In their opinion, it's easy for people to become a coward and stop believing in themselves after an unsuccessful attempt of doing extreme sports.

By and large, I do not share this point of view as I think that a cowardly man, who is really so, never will dare to do extreme sports. In any case, strengthening of character occurs only through self-overcoming. That is why extreme sports can be one of the fastest and simplest ways to do that.

According to the arguments presented above, I can say that extreme sports are one of the best ways that help all of us to become a brave and confident person appreciating other people, precious time and even our own life. There is no doubt that so many people so many opinions and only you should reckon what you want to do. Moreover, other people should not judge your decision.

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