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Extreme sports help to build character (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is not a secret for everybody that extreme sports are becoming more and more popular in our time. Moreover, there are brand-new different kinds of them and they are turning much more dangerous and attractive for people at the same time. So, some people claim that extreme sports are bad for their health and safeness, but others believe that doing it will get a great influence on their character traits. Whose opinion is right?

I will try to express my point of view on this heavy issue. To tell the truth, I think that extreme sports are useful for any person and their character as well. Firstly, a critical and a difficult situation will not be a surprise for a person and he will know how to behave in it.

Secondly, extreme sport often can be a group activity. So, you will teach how to trust other people and appreciate them. Finally, extreme sports can improve not only people’s bravery, but a sense of purpose too. The point is, even a huge problem will become a little let in front of you, if you do something extreme, unusual and even dangerous at least once.

But other people hold the idea, that extreme sport is just a way to spoil person’s health and psyche. In their opinion, it is easy to break any part of body in a better case. In a worst case, you will get an unjustly death.

Frankly speaking, I cannot agree with that statement because in our century safeness stands in the first place at inventors, scientists and creators of various extreme sports as well. So, we do not need to think about our security due to other people’s responsibility and prudence for it.

According to the arguments presented above I can say that extreme sport is one of the best ways to become not only a brave and a confident person, appreciating other people, precious time and even an own life. Furthermore, a desire to be in a safety cannot compare with the benefit for your character traits that make you to be a better person.

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