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Reality TV is harmful to children and they shouldn’t watch it (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Reality TV is harmful to children and they shouldn’t watch it

Nowadays people are given different options of spending their free time. One of them is watching TV. Some people are sure that there is nothing better than watching reality shows. Others, on the contrary, argue that reality television can be harmful for children.

As far as I'm concerned, reality TV is detrimental for children. First and foremost, in these programs there is foul language, a lot of fights and obscene actions. That might affect children's behaviour: they can become more agressive and rude. Secondly, reality shows are full of stupid and awkward situations, in which competitors are involved. Children might do the same mistakes as competitors or even take after them to please the masses.

However, other people claim that reality TV is very beneficial.

They say that this is a very funny way of spending free time. For them it is enjoyably to see other people’s lives, their behavior and relationships.

Although this argument might seem reasonable, I strongly believe that watching reality shows is not the best way of unwinding from daily routine. I am sure that reading a book or walking in the fresh air would be more pleasant and useful activity for children.

All things considered, though it might be very interesting to observe human relations in reality TV, I think that it is bad for children. They should avoid watching these programs because of their indecent sides. TV should give us new ideas and food for thought. And as for reality shows, they are only a waste of time.


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