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Nature is my best hotel (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Nature is my best hotel.


Sleeping among strangers is not a problem.


A quiet place to stay becomes a favourite.


The best hotel is at the seaside.


Roadside hotels can disappoint.


Comfortable holiday costs money.


We have to think about our meals.

: I really enjoy traveling when I go to places I prefer to sit in a hostel. It's cheap it's usually in a convenient location and it's open around the clock. Many people think sharing a room for the night with other people is rather difficult but I enjoy meeting new people that way. A nice hostel atmosphere is rather a homework with people eating in the kitchen and doing the washing up later though they aren't family.

: It's just more intriguing for me that way speaker B I think I can truly relax only in a luxurious hotel.

: I love it when I don't have to think about a single detail when I'm on holiday.

I can eat all I want whenever I want. Use the gym and the pool and go to an amazingly clean beach when at the seaside. All my necessities are taken care of. Before I even think of them my family never goes to any hotel but a five star one. I know it's expensive. But as I see it it's worth every penny.

: Speaker C when my family takes long road trips we stay at motels. My mum usually chooses the nicer ones of course. Some of them even have outdoor heated pools. Then we really enjoy it as both my sister and I love swimming. Yet once in a while we are unlucky and end up in a room with messy floors or dirty bathrooms. When that happens my mum asks for a refund and as a rule she gets her money back.

: There was only one time when that didn't happen speaker de there was one holiday when my family spent two days at a very nice bed and breakfast in France.

: It was this lovely little cottage up in the mountains and the view was spectacular. There is something peaceful about family run hotels like that. The rooms were incredibly cosy and the food was homemade. There were very few neighbours so we didn't have all the big hotel noise.

: That place spoilt me for any other hotel speaker he who needs a hotel room when the sky can be your ceiling.

: I wouldn't trade camping for any luxurious hotel room. I love the fresh air at night and the stars above my head when I fall asleep when the weather is bad. I put up my tent. Otherwise a sleeping bag is quite enough for me.

: I understand some people dont like the inconvenience of cooking on the fire and a bathroom in the woods but the odd charm to camping if you ask me speaker f I don't like being on the road a lot when I'm on holiday so my family usually rents a cottage by the ocean for two weeks every summer. Such places have a private beach and even a swimming pool if you don't like swimming in the ocean. The only drawback of a seaside hotel is the cooking at the hotel. The food is provided for every meal and at the cottage we're in charge of our own food but we make do we grill have picnics or go out to eat.


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