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Beauty of nature (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We live on the planet Earth. It is absolutely unique, because this is the only planet known to us, the planets, on which there is life. The nature of the Earth is a unique interaction of animate and inanimate nature.

I love my planet, I like to breathe fresh air, look at the clear blue sky. No wonder they say that it is endless to look at three things: how the water flows, the fire burns, and the starry sky shines. In nature, an amazing combination of eternity and fleetingness. Her beauty is cyclical. And what is the circle, if not infinity? And at the same time, there are many beautiful moments in nature that can not be stopped at all desire, in order to fully enjoy them.

Everything in nature is interconnected: without plants the herbivores will not survive, predators can not exist without herbivores.

Every living thing has its function. I am fascinated by the fluttering of butterflies. Singing birds always pacifies and brings harmony. And funny kittens will laugh and entertain me.

Plants on our planet have existed for more than one thousand years. Some of them have adapted to the harsh conditions of the north, others can survive in the desert, while others feel great in a damp climate. Pass all the beauty of flowers is impossible. Their petals have all kinds of colors and shapes. Red roses, white daisies, black tulips - any of these flowers can create a surprisingly beautiful bouquet. Deciduous and coniferous forests saturate our planet with oxygen. They, like the lungs, purify and refresh the air around them. In the forest it is always amazingly beautiful and incredibly interesting to walk. And on the plains, covered with fragrant greens, you always want to walk on the morning dew and breathe in the fresh scent of meadow grasses.

There are so many amazing places on our planet! I would like to visit all countries and visit all continents to appreciate the beauty of nature. To see the mountains, to admire their snow-capped peaks, to drink water from mountain rivers and to breathe in all the chest with diluted air. I would like to visit the desert, see how the wind chases the sand in the scorching sun, and the bizarre animals and plants escape from the unbearable heat. And at the North Pole, I would be interested to feel the Arctic's breath, look at the dazzling white snow and touch it with my hand. In Siberia, I would also like to visit: see the numerous fast rivers, impenetrable forests, get acquainted with the flora and fauna of these places.

I am sure that, wherever I have to visit, I will certainly find something interesting, exciting and unforgettable, because the beauty of nature is boundless. And we, in turn, need to preserve and protect it from all the negative factors that the person himself creates.


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