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Corner of Nature (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the modern world, everyone is fussing and hurrying somewhere, not noticing the beauty of what surrounds us.Some modern people tend to visit many countries to see many beautiful places. But often the beautiful is very close, close. Just need to be able to peer and discover your place in nature.

For me, the most beautiful corner of nature is our local river, to which we often ran in early childhood. It seems that the river is fringed with some unusual lace created by skilled craftsmen. And these are spreading willows and birches, poplars and thickets of reeds create such an amazingly beautiful lace. In places where trees give way to grasses and flowers - glades with floral carpets. You lie here in such a clearing and you can look at the sky, trusting your dreams fleeing far away clouds, watching the rays of the sun slowly fade away and play with bunnies in the water, in the trees, in the foliage.

In this quiet place, hidden from prying eyes, you can sit in silence, stay with your dreams and thoughts.

And it is possible to talk with friends about the hidden things, looking at the inflaming fire.

After the rain, the river flows, floods the banks, and then again leaves, leaving behind a sandy trail. In one of these spills I had to be on the river. And I found out that our small river is not at all quiet, but it is bubbling and ebullient. Her character reminded me of something of my own. We are all different. Nature helped me to understand myself. And in this corner of nature I return again and again, when I come to my native places.


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