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The life of people (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The life of people is not simple and versatile. What is not found in it: an act, an adventure, and love, and hatred, and work, and rest. Refusing these vital components is by no means possible, otherwise it will lose its meaning, become faceless and boring.

The winged phrase of Tolstoy needs proof, because, firstly, how many people, so many opinions. Secondly, all the same, simplicity is not always the main component of beauty. Another winged phrase comes to mind: "Another simplicity is worse than stealing." Let's turn to literary heroes.

Each writer has a character that will fit Tolstoy's postulate. For example, Maxim Gorky has Maxim Maximich.

He is such a naive person, in some questions, he looks more naive than a child, you can say he is simple and close. It is these properties that cause reader sympathy. He is not touchy, he treats people with sincere respect, with love. He feels alien feelings of envy, anger, resentment.

This hero himself does not understand how pure he is, generous and noble. Maybe this misunderstanding made him such a magnanimous person. However, as they say, do not do people good, you will not get evil. He was punished for his gullibility and faith in people.

Dostoevsky meets a similar Makar Devushkin. He appears as a man abandoned by God. To which the good way in the hostile world has forgotten. It's unclear how he manages to keep such feelings as pride, compassion, sympathy, love. Perhaps, thanks to this simplicity, his heart was not touched by envy, pride, anger. Tolstoy presents us rich souls and far from intrigues Kutuzov, Karataev.

Sometimes there is another simplicity that arises because of stupidity, limitation, poverty of thought, thoughtlessness. Here it is an example of "worse than stealing." Tikhon Kabanov can be shown by Ostrovsky. It seems to be simple, modest, benevolent, quiet. It turns out to be inactive, he is able to cause great harm, for example, did not stand up for his wife's defense.

In my opinion, human simplicity is not an obligatory feeling for achieving beauty. The main thing is to be useful and necessary to people.

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