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Life in the countryside is not for young people. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In our modern world some people claim that only old people prefer to live in the countryside, while others argue that those who much younger would rather choose life in the village than in some noisy town. As a young person I can say that I would definitely prefer to live in the countryside. First of all, when you are living in the village, you are getting closer to the nature and it affects you in a good, positive way. Moreover, the atmosphere in the countryside helps you to create something incredible and amazing.

For example, Pushkin composed almost all of his poems in the village. Finally, the air in the countryside is cleaner than in the city. However, others believe that young people do not belong in the village. The main argument in favour of living in the big town is that there is no any amusement center or large shops in the village. In addition, they claim that young people are not able to communicate normally with others while they are in the countryside. I cannot agree with this opinion, because if you are really interesting and versatile person you do not need ready-made entertainment as you come up with something anywhere. Besides, any person can communicate with anyone he wants no matter where he is, if he will really want to. To sum up, I would like to say that so many people, so thoughts. Anyway I believe that any young person will be able to live in the countryside.

I am hoping that mine point of view is understandable for anyanyone who read it. Merci for your time friends.

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