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Some people think that the most important thing in people’s life is family (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people think that the most important thing in people’s life is family

It has been debated about family is the most significant thing in life or not. Some people believe that there is nothing more important than your loved ones and family while others claim that this is not so essential in life.

I consider that the most important thing in people’s life is family. Firstly, a person grows and develops in a family environment, who teach us everything. For example, parents teach us to walk, talk, be kind and polite. Secondly, family is our home, where they always look forward to us. Classmates or work staff will not love you like your family.

Nonetheless, some people consider that family do not play the vital role in people’s life. They claim that sometimes family does not care much about you and you can easily do without it.

They are sure that career, fame, science and art are more important than family because it allows you to earn money to be wealthy and successful. Moreover, there are friends, who can share your interests and support you.

Personally, I cannot agree with my opponents. I am sure that family matters because it is the first environment in your life that influence you. There are not money and fame, which can replace the love and care of the dearest people. In addition, many friends are temporary and unreliable and can fool or leave you.

To sum up, in my view, family is the vital thing you have and nothing else can replace your beloved people.


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