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The soulless attitude of children towards their parents is the problem that S. Tursun describes. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The soulless attitude of children towards their parents is the problem that S. Tursun describes.

In the text proposed to us, the author painfully and regretfully tells how lightheartedly and indifferently the son treated his elderly father. The old man, despite the cold weather and poor state of health, rushes to his son at the first call, but he is not welcome in the family ...

It's bitter to read the thoughts of his old father, who realized that his son will not support him in the most difficult days.

The author's position is clear: children should not be so heartless about their parents, but must take care of them, respect their old age, do not forget their home.

I completely agree with the opinion of the author. Unfortunately, modern children, having grown up, often do not appreciate parental care, show indifference, than offend their elderly parents.

A vivid example of sons' selfishness and callousness can serve as an old Ukrainian legend, recorded by the famous teacher V. Sukhomlinsky. The story told by the author amazes with his son's cruelty and maternal love. Married son, enamored with the beauty of the young wife, fulfilled all her wishes: drove his mother to live in the canopy, then - into the barn, and then killed her, tore out his mother's heart and carried it to his wife ... stumbled, and his bloodied mother's heart whispered: "Son, do not Do you hurt your knee painfully? "Only this miracle managed to sober up his son, who realized what he had done.

On the Internet, I came across an interesting, but terrible, in my opinion, exchange of views on the question: "Where do I float my old people? If parents become a burden (for various reasons) is it legitimate to identify them in a nursing home? "I admit that the statements of some adult children not only shocked me, but shocked me ... What callousness, indifference and callousness!

Fortunately, there are other examples. In the story of Boris Yekimov "Speak, Mom, Say!" Tells of a daughter who, giving her mother a cell phone, limited herself to daily short-term calls ... But she realized in time what her mother meant for her ... And everything is forgotten: the expensive tariff for cellular, lack of time ... The most important thing is the mother! As a prayer, the words of the daughter sound: "Speak, Mom, say ..."

Thus, I can conclude that we children are obliged to take care of their parents, respect their old age ...

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