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A cry is a manifestation of human weakness. Here is the problem over which S. Lvov discusses. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A cry is a manifestation of human weakness. Here is the problem over which S. Lvov discusses.

The author indignantly describes life situations when people try to solve their problems with the help of screaming. He talks about his mother, it would seem, from a happy family, who brings up children so that "it's audible through the doors, windows, walls." What are the words she throws about her little daughters: "Idiot! I'll kill you! ".

S. Lvov uses a vivid comparison when he says that barking a dog that has been awakened by this mother "sounds more intelligent than this scream". According to the author, the cry in the pedagogical collective is endlessly dangerous. Speaking about the work of the trainer, "the master of his craft", S. Lvov emphasizes his rudeness and lack of restraint. The publicist is sure that it is impossible to work with children and teenagers.

Scream, the author believes, is "a mask of professional incompetence", a sign of fatigue and weakness. People shout with their cry of inability to work, "fake an active activity, which is really not there."

It is difficult not to agree with the author. After all, a cry is a manifestation of human weakness, a sign of the spiritual degradation of a screaming person.

Let us recall, for example, Anton Chekhov's story "Ionych, " whose main character, a remarkable doctor, eventually lost his best human qualities, forgot about the ethics of the doctor. He constantly screams at his patients, he is rude to them, forgetting that he is obliged to help the sick.

The governor Ugryum-Burcheyev, the hero of the novel "The History of a City" by ME Saltykov-Shchedrin, is also a vivid example of rudeness and lack of restraint. Through all his possessions, the horrible cry of the town governor is constantly being heard, forcing people to tremble and unquestioningly carry out his senseless orders. And what else can we expect from this "idiot", as the author characterized him? But after all, milf, the heroine of S.Lvov's text, is a normal person in the mental plane ...

Thus, I can conclude that the cry refers to one of our main shortcomings, due to the manifestation of weakness, fatigue, professional incompetence.

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