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It is necessary to atone in time for the blame before close people - that's the problem that S.Lvov reflects on. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is necessary to atone in time for the blame before close people - that's the problem that S.Lvov reflects on.

The author tells us a sad story from the life of his friend, who could not apologize in time for his mother for not visiting her in the hospital ... S.Lvov sympathizes with all the bitterness and suffering that the young man has caused, urges us not to linger in apologies before the people who are offended, especially in front of their loved ones.

The publicist believes that you should always correct your mistakes on time, otherwise you may be late.

I fully share the author's point of view.

We sometimes hurt our relatives, believing that we can always make amends, but we often forget that we can not make it ...

I remember the heroine of the story of K.G. Paustovsky's "Telegram" Nastya. The girl, completely immersed in the work, forgets about her mother and, despite the fact that she did not see Katerina Ivanovna for three years, does not find time to even read a letter from her. But after receiving a telegram in which it was reported that his mother was dying, Nastya left home that evening. But, alas, the girl comes late ... She will cry in her mother's room all day, but there is no one to calm her daughter and forgive her ... I am sure that now, until the end of her life, Nastya will have to live with this guilt.

This share will not escape and Semyon, the hero of the story of E. Karpov "My name is Ivan." The son will hurt his mother twice ... He does not want to return to his home after the invalid returned home from the war, he finds that it is easier for the mother to consider him dead than to see his son as a cripple daily ... And when Anna Filipovna, accidentally met on the train with a poor invalid, , he will renounce it! In a few minutes, Semyon will return to the car, will search for his mother ... But, unfortunately, the insight will come to him very late!

Thus, I can conclude that it is necessary to atone for the relatives in time.


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