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What the human tree teaches (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

F. Iskander, remembering his childhood with warmth, tells how he loved the trees growing in their small garden. But most of all he admired the big and mighty nut, which, thanks to his perseverance and strength, mercy and generosity, taught the boy moral lessons of life, taught, holding on to the earth, boldly climb to heaven.

The author's position is not difficult to define: "The peace-loving power of the tree teaches us kindness and unselfishness."

I completely agree with the writer's opinion: the trees teach us responsiveness and generosity. Taking an example from them, we can achieve and transform the world a lot. This was discussed more than once by both classics and publicists.

On the Internet, in the article "What kind of tree are we?", It is said that our ancestors in antiquity noticed: people and trees have some kind of kinship in characters, inclinations, predilections.

Druids believed that each of us, rushing around the world, there is an analogue, chained to mother earth, lovingly looking at people, going through with them. According to their ideas, the trees are likened to fairy-tale mirrors in which each of us can see his destiny, learn how to adjust his actions, learn how to correct them and thereby become kinder and unselfish.

An example of the fact that trees can teach a person something, to suggest something, to help make an important life decision, can be an episode of the meeting between Prince Andrew Bolkonsky and the old oak (Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace). Twice the hero stops in front of a mighty tree: the first time it has not yet woken from winter hibernation, the second - when the spring awakened the old giant and made her look younger. This transformation inspired the prince, made two important conclusions that "life is not over at age 31 ..." and life must go not only for him alone, "so that at all it reflects and that they all live with me together!"

Thus, it can be concluded that trees can teach us kindness and unselfishness, faith in ourselves and in our strength.


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