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Human culture (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Human culture is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, and literature is an integral part of it. Can we imagine a world without books? No, because so many important functions are performed by the book!

"How good it is to be able to read!" - this line from a children's poem very accurately describes my own attitude to books. Indeed, from the very childhood they lead us through life, opening on their pages extraordinary and unexplored worlds and secrets of the universe, raising important moral problems and offering models of behavior in real life, bringing us to the experience of many generations preserved in books.

One of the most important functions of the book is educational. Every day we make a difficult choice between good and evil. And most clearly the problem of moral choice is reflected in works about the war, because war is the litmus test for human characters. Noteworthy in this respect is the story of Vasil Bykov "Sotnikov". The work is based on the contrast of the images of two heroes.

Fisherman and Sotnikov are partisans captured by the police. They have to choose between death and service to the enemy. Sotnikov preferred death, showing his moral strength. The fisherman succumbed to the temptation. With the thought that he will fight for his life, that he can then escape from the fascists and return to the partisans, Rybak agrees to serve the occupiers. However, there is no way back from this system. From this story we understand: you need to know the consequences of your choice and be responsible for your actions. It is no accident that the story is used as a form of work. Small genres (story, story) became especially popular among Soviet writers in the military and post-war years, since they allowed the most accurate transmission of the main message of the work.

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The images, recreated in the military and post-war years, have become a model of behavior for many subsequent generations.

Another important role of books is the transfer of the experience of ancestors, the preservation of history and the upbringing of patriotism. F. Abramov said: "The people die when it becomes a population, and the population becomes it when it forgets its history." About the events of the Patriotic War is told in the work of M.Yu. Lermontov "Borodino". The simple vocabulary of the old soldier, on whose behalf the narrative is being conducted, his precise and precise remarks immerse us in the atmosphere of the event. "The French moved like clouds." One comparison, and the reader from the twenty-first century is transferred to the nineteenth. A picture of the battle clearly stands before him. "Bogatyri - not you!" - Our ancestors seem to us like that. We feel pride in the great past of the Fatherland. Is not this a real miracle in the book? Overcoming space and time, we are able to use it to be in the epicenter of any event.

Here we come to the function of a book in which it can not be replaced by any other means. There are people who believe that in the age of modern technology, books can be replaced with films, comics, and books have already lost relevance. But only a book can give such an extraordinary will to man's imagination and imagination! Only the book will allow you to create your own image of the described events, most fully empathize with the feelings of the author, plunging into an imaginary world. Let us recall the poem by SA Esenin, "the poet of a log cabin". The lovely image of the "white" birch, so lovingly described by him, even far from home, will fill the soul with warm memories; thanks to beautiful epithets of comparisons ("prinakryvalsya snow, as silver"), it becomes possible.

In addition, books are necessary for their authors, because their works are an expression of their own feelings, an attempt to share their observations and reflections with others. So, for example, V.Kondratiev became a writer, because he did not find in the books of other authors "his own war", such as he saw it himself, fighting for his Motherland. The story of V. Kondratiev "Sashka" is largely autobiographical, as the author also participated in battles near Rzhev.

The role of books in the life of a person is great, it is difficult to overestimate it. Therefore, we must protect books and develop a love of reading. What will humanity be without books? The world where books are banned, described in the work "Four hundred and fifty-one degrees Fahrenheit" science fiction writer Ray Bradbury. Where books are replaced by television walls, and the availability of knowledge and opinion is equated with crime, the human person can not grow and develop.

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