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The Internet – a new human right – should it be restricted? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The Internet – a new human right – should it be restricted?

These days the Internet has become a big part of our life. But there is a tendency to restrict the using of the Net. Some people think that Internet access is necessary for us like other human rights. Other people claim that it should be limited because of its negative effects on our life.

It is believed that the access to Net is essential for humanity because of opportunities it gives us. Firstly, it is a new human right. UN in 2011 published a special report that the access to the Internet is our right. The Internet is becoming a fundamental part of society, creating a new sphere of interaction. Secondly, the right to Internet access feels a gap to traditional human rights. There is a hole when it comes to a right to receive the information.

People are given 35 billion web pages, 1.8 trillion gigabytes of information in the Internet for their issues. Thirdly, Internet access is a necessary part of the right to freedom of the information and expression. For instance, bloggers are those people who work, communicate with other people, show their life, make advertisements in the Net.

However some people claim that the Internet shouldn’t be accessible for people. First of all, human rights are dependent on the state. People are not allowed publishing any posts about terrorism or political meetings. Furthermore, It can not be a human right when it isn’t available to all. For example, internet access is available in North Korea, but only permitted with special authorization and primarily used for government purposes. In addition, a lot of people are worried about the bad influence of the Net on the society, namely on children. In social nets there are groups which encourage children and adolescents to make suicide. And this tendency is observed all over the world.

Although these arguments sound reasonable, I strongly believe that the government can take necessary measures of restricting only dangerous influence in the Internet. Terrorism, social extremism shouldn’t be allowed to be posted, while Internet access should be welcome thanks to human rights for freedom and expression. What is more, of course it’s not democratic when it’s unavailable to all, but in different countries there are different laws, which should be respected by their residents. Finally, to avoid damaging consequences on young children, the government and society ought to find educational programs that will be interesting for children thus explaining them the real values.

Nobody can deny the frightening influence of the Internet on the society, organizing terrorist attacks, political meetings. On the other hand, the unlimited access to the Internet gives us lots of opportunity for business, friends, political connections and it’s the best way of self-expression and freedom. All things considered, I’m in favor of the access to the Internet as the human right of speech. The government should build necessary atmosphere in the society aimed at shaping real human values.


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