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Earth on the Globe (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

On my desk is a ball supported by a curved handle. This is the globe of the Earth. Most of it is painted in blue, because our planet is rich in oceans. In the "blue sea" - the island of the mainland.

The Earth has acquired familiar shapes to us relatively recently - "only" two million years ago. If you carefully study the outlines of the continents, you can understand that they once constituted one continent. Surprisingly, today scientists in eastern North America also find parts of the geologic plate of mainland Africa.

Approximately at the same time, when the modern appearance of the earth's surface was formed, it freed itself from most of the secular ice, revealing the land of Eurasia and North America under them.

Now on the globe you can see in the white color only covered with snow caps and ice the Arctic Ocean and the mysterious sixth continent - Antarctica.

When did the first globe appear? It is not known exactly, but the most ancient of the surviving was the "Earth apple" - a ball made of metal by Martin Beheim in the 15th century. This globe was for that time a discovery in science, but it is difficult to name it an exact model of the Earth. For example, there is simply no America on it - for Africa, represented as separate islands, the vast expanses of the oceans stretch all the way to the eastern shores of Eurasia.

Today you can meet different kinds of globes: geographic, political, celestial or stellar, by which the constellations and the location of the planets are studied. There are relief geographic globes, where mountains and valleys, oceans are marked by bulges and depressions.

Looking at the globe on my desk, I can imagine how beautiful the glistening peak of Elbrus looks like, how deep and boundless is the Pacific Ocean with its mysterious Mariana Trench and I'm proud of the width of the borders of our Motherland of Russia.

Earth on the globe seems so small and lifeless, although in its own way beautiful. And only the knowledge of it, the stories of travelers and their own impressions of travel make you feel love for your planet, the desire to take care of it, cherish it and admire its beauty.

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