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What place is most beautiful on the Earth is the question that V.Seskov is thinking about. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What place is most beautiful on the Earth is the question that V.Seskov is thinking about.

The author enthusiastically talks about the unforgettable morning spent in Halong Bay. "Green rocks protruding from mirror-quiet water", "blue haze", "the rising sun" conquered the writer with their beauty, nevertheless, he claims that he can not name "the bay of the dragon drowned in the sea" the most beautiful place on Earth. Asking people what place they would like to see before death, V.

Peskov received the same answers: "the parents' house and the garden", "the mountains before sunrise", "the river with the water-lilies" ... The writer reflects on how dear to each of us " a corner on the ground where he grew up, where he became a man, "his little homeland.

According to the author, the best place on the planet is his father's place, the middle belt, "the wide belt of Russia, going from the west to the Urals."

I share the point of view of V. Peskov. Indeed, for each person the most beautiful and expensive is the place where he was born and raised.

Average Russia is famous for its subtle, low-key beauty. No wonder so many Russian classics admiringly described these places in their works. Let us recall the story of K. G. Paustovsky "The Meshcherka Side", where he lovingly depicts a modest but attractive Russian nature: "pine forests, hills and forest lakes overgrown with a black kuga", "vast swamps covered with alder and aspen, ... sands, juniper, heather, shoals of cranes and stars known to us under all latitudes. "Are not these the most beautiful places in the World?

But what is wrong with my native places: the expanses of Stavropol, the Caucasus Mountains, the majestic Elbrus ?! How lyrically wrote about them my poet countryman K. Khodunkov:

Oh, the unforgettable native land,

Oh, far away spaces!

Its red in the spring,

His aching whiteness

Today you are dear to me three times.

Here, at the ridge of the Caucasus Mountains,

Where the storms are violent in July,

I dream of your resinous boron,

And the old paternal yard ...

Thus, I can conclude that the most beautiful place on earth for a man is his small Homeland.

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