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A culture of speech (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The ability to write correctly and correctly speak always creates a positive impression of a person. Knowledge of the norms of the Russian language is an indicator of the education of the individual. That is why in our country such great attention is paid to the culture of speech.

Attempts to select language tools and identify those that could be considered common were made in the XVIII century by MV Lomonosov when creating the "Russian grammar." Further, in 1911, VI Chernyshev wrote the most extensive manual on this issue, called "The correctness and purity of Russian speech."

Then, in 1920, the term "culture of speech" was firmly entrenched in the scientific literature. Subsequently, many books were written about this issue.

Today, the culture of speech within the course of the Russian language is necessarily taught at the school. In the classes on this subject, we are taught not only to speak and write correctly, but also to express our thoughts logically, to use competently various expressive means and to choose the most appropriate vocabulary in this or that situation.

I am very glad that there is a similar subject in our gymnasium, because it gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about my native language and improve my cultural level.

To master the literary norm in perfection is not an easy task, as it requires a good memory and a so-called sense of language. In addition, the rate is very volatile, and what was considered unacceptable yesterday may well become acceptable today.

I believe that the culture of speech is the basis of the culture of the individual. Despite the fact that when communicating with peers we often use spoken language and slang, in an official setting we should be able to demonstrate the knowledge of literary norms. So we can express our respect to others and demonstrate a high level of cultural development.


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