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We need to learn the culture of joy - this is the moral problem over which V.N. Niklyaev. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We need to learn the culture of joy - this is the moral problem over which V.N. Niklyaev.

The author believes that at present people do not know how to celebrate the joys of life. Everyone is shy about their feelings, they are afraid to show joy. People see only the bad sides of life: sadness, sadness, disappointment. And it causes VN. Nyklyaev's concern.

According to the author, in order to resist life's difficulties, one must learn to enjoy the simplest things: the sun, a new day, a meeting with a person.

I agree with the position of the author.

It's time to think: maybe a person who can not find joy in simple, everyday moments of being is dangerous to society. Somewhere I read that a criminal or a drug addict can be calculated in a crowd by his gloomy appearance. Imagine: a bright sunny day. There is a big fluffy snow, it pleases everyone, causes a smile. And suddenly there is a sullen face in the crowd ... Undoubtedly, the police officers should be interested in it: maybe it's just an unfortunate person who needs help, and if the criminal!

Probably, there are no girls, girls, women in the world who, after reading War and Peace, would not have dreamed of becoming a bit like Natasha Rostov! Here she, thirteen-year-old, choking with laughter, rushes into the living room, breaking the stiff conversation between her mother and her guest. This is how Natasha appears on the pages of the novel - the embodiment of love for life, the pursuit of goodness, happiness, faithfulness and love. From that moment, we begin to love her, perceiving the concerns and worries of Rostov as our own. She, Natasha, we learn to enjoy life!

The famous psychologist G. Kozlov wrote that the child makes joy out of nothing, from emptiness, from nonsense, and his life becomes rich and rich. This is an amazing ability to make events from the void. You can just clap your ears, you can tear off the glue from your finger or blow out the rings. It's emptiness, but it's fun, and it can take a whole day. Children know how to create joy around themselves. And we, adults, must learn from children to fill their lives with joy.


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