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What is culture? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the modern world, we often wonder: what is culture? Personally, I think culture the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.

There are a lot of different kind of culture in our life. For example: national culture (the culture of a particular nation), youth culture (characteristic of persons of young age), rock culture (culture which refers to person who interested in rock music) and other.

In my opinion, in the hectic world of today celebrity culture is one of the most popular culture. Its existence can be proved that the celebrities can be attributed to a particular group, which brings together people who have achieved success in a certain field of activity and this success led them to publicity life.This culture began to emerge in ancient Rome, where gladiators were the first celebrities.

On the one hand their life seems like a fairy tale and a continuous joy.

They attend trendy clubs, restaurants, always the center of attention, have high fees. But on the other hand their life is really difficult. In life of any celebrity present stress, daily flights from one country to another, paparazzi harassment, celebrity gossip and little time to build a personal life. Personally I think that any person can already get crazy with this routine life. It is natural that they have cocky demeanor because of this rhythm of life.

Sure, celebrities can have a great influence on other people especially on teens. For example, we strive to be like them, listen to their opinion, stick to their fashion and so on.

But unfortunately, It's obvious that celebrities can set a negative role model and exert a bad influence on the fans. First of all many of them taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking. Secondly, some fans especially youth become so dependent on them that turns his life into a continuous pursuit and imitation to their idols. Thirdly, despite their perfect images in glossy magazines fans aspire to the same ideal appearance making plastic surgery thus can distract their lives.

In conclusion I can say that it is impossible to rely on the opinion of celebrities and throughout imitate them. You must try to be yourself, because every celebrity has gained great success when show their personality.


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