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Changing the world by the power of communication (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays people are discussing various problems. And I am absolutely sure that one of them is the importance of communication. Everyone knows that communication is type of interaction between persons involving information exchange. Many people believe that communication is necessary and it helps humanity to change the world for the better. Nevertheless, some people do not support this point of view. So, there are two opposite opinions.

I strongly believe that communication makes our world better. Firstly, communication between people helps them learn about different news. For example, in a circle of friends you can know about incidents at school, the releases of a new interesting films or music albums or about other topics of interest to you and you can get or give important advice.

Secondly, communication is an important part of management. Your employer gives you directions, explains what, how and when you need to do any work. Therefore, communication helps in the organization of working activities. Thirdly, there are digital or virtual communications that help to keep in touch with people close to you at a distance. So, you can talk to your friends, relatives, classmates and friends on the phone or computer without being distracted from your main activities.

But it is a well-known fact that so many people so many opinions. So, there are people with an opposite point of view. They believe that it is not necessary to communicate with people to find out any information you need. You can read it on the Internet, book, directory or other convenient source.

Anyway, I do not agree with such people. As for me, communication with someone is very useful and pleasant. You exchange experiences with each other. Thus it is easier to learn something new understanding the case together.

In conclusion, I would like to stress again that power of communication is amazing and it makes our life better. It give us opportunity to get positive emotions because talking with people is always pleasant moment. You can talk heart to heart, tell interesting news and help each other in important matters.


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