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Раздел 4 ЕГЭ Английский 2023. (Places to live; Main factors affecting the choice of travelling in Zetland) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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Hi Judy!

Thanks for the letter, it’s nice to hear from you again. I am really happy you liked Birmingham

In your letter you asked me several questions I’m eager to answer. If I had I chance to choose, I’d move to New York as there is so much culture in it! More and more people move to big cities because it makes them able to get better education and professional career, though in my region some persons are reluctant to change their place of living since they are bound to their friend or elder parents.

You’ve mentioned your brother has got a new job.

I’m very glad for him! What are his obligations? How much does he earn a month? Is he pleased with the work process?

Sorry, now I got to go to prepare for the exams.

Write back soon,

Best wishes,


38. 1 Nowadays people have a multitude of options of where they can travel. However, there is still an essential question: which of them one should choose among thousands of the offers available. I am currently working at my project on the main factors affecting the choice of travelling destinations in Zetland. For this reason, I have found some relevant data on the Internet I will discuss below.

Overall, it can be seen that the biggest number of the respondents (40%) adhere to safety as the main criterion of their choice in favor of one or another travelling destination. In the meantime, «close proximity» was picked out by the lowest quantity (4%) of the interviewees, rendering it the least preferred item in the сhart.

The table shows that significantly more people choose sights of culture over shopping, with 22% and 8% respectively. This, to my mind, could be an evidence of a drastic turn of the tide in the society’s mindset of the last decades which made us care less about consumption and fashion trends and more about immaterial and cultural matters.

I assume, there may arise a serious problem when deciding on a destination of your travel that is related to the risk of deceit and disinformation you have a chance to encounter while scrolling different Internet sites for the best offer. For this reason, it is better to always check information and reviews on different sources about a potential destination location.

All in all, there are many factors you should consider when planning a travelling as all of them will determine how good your experience will be.

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If I had I chance to choose

a chance


I am currently working at my project

working on the project

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